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Introducing Myself.

My full name is Mia Farhni, born and raised in Bern, Switzerland. My creative journey began very early, when I started drawing on walls in my bedroom. My passion for drawing later on changed into creating things digital, like videos, pictures, motions, posters etc. Now have a look.



Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is crucial for solving problems and coming up with fresh ideas. It helps us see things differently, encouraging a unique perspective.


UX / UI Design

Websites need to be easy to use and appealing. A good Design leads to more customer engagement.



Understanding the customer’s ideas and wishes helps to create the perfect design and allows a clearer, more effective interaction.



Proficiency in Adobe programs is essential. Mastering these tools is a valuable asset that make your work flow easier.


Private Website for a Game Collector (option 1)
Private Website for a Game Collector (option 2)
Business Crads for a Game Collector
rental house: lenk.beoberland.ch
stamp collector: philatelie-langenthal.ch
professional association: bvah.ch

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